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A little bit about Tailwaggerz!

Dog Grooming

Tailwaggerz is a small dog groomers owned by myself, Lynsey. My salon is based in Inkpen, West Berkshire. Just a short drive from Hungerford and Newbury. I provide a comfortable and professional grooming experience for your much-loved pet and strive to provide the highest quality service at all times. Rest-assured, your pet's welfare will always come first, alongside my expert grooming service. No matter what size, shape or breed, I believe your pet deserves the very best! Here at Tailwaggerz, I offer everything from a simple bath ‘wash and go’, to a full groom and salon experience with a range of extras (please see ‘services’ for details).


I am a Fully-qualified professional dog groomer, and have a wide cross-breed knowledge base. Whilst it is important to have solid experience of grooming all breed standards, it is also vital to understand dogs. Being able to recognise and address dogs when happy, tired or restless ensures that your dog enjoys the grooming experience as much as possible. From Pugs, Staffies and Rotties who just need a regular bath, or Yorkies, Schnauzers and Poodles who require a specific cut, I cater for all in my new salon designed by a dog lover with safety and comfort in mind.

We Love Dogs!

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life, I absolutely adore all breeds and I love making them look and smell beautiful! I have a very happy Hungarian Vizsla called Pinto who loves to sit and watch other grooms or play at any given opportunity! I encourage using positive reinforcement training to reward your dog during grooming sessions and will strive to ensure your dog has the best positive experience with me. Whilst your dog is in my care they are treated like ‘one of my own’.


Services & Prices

Bath & Blowdry

From £35

Pre-shower brushing
Warm invigorating shower
Gentle shampoo and conditioner
Brush and towl dry

Puppy Introductions

From £40

For puppies under 6 months of age. Puppy introductions are an essential part of your dogs grooming routine. This should be started 2 weeks after their second set of jabs and ideally on a monthly basis until they are ready for a full groom.

A puppy introduction includes:
Warming Bath and a gentle shampoo
A slow blow dry to get them used to the noise of the dryers
Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning
Paw tidy & fringe trim if required
Introduction to all the grooming equipment
Lots of cuddles and fuss. The aim is to make this a fun enjoyable visit so your puppy will feel comfortable and confident by the time it has its first full groom.


From £50


Small breeds from £50

Medium breeds from £55

Large Breeds from £60

Extra Large from £70

Prices will vary depending on size of dog, if it’s long or short haired and coat condition. Please contact us for a quote or use the online booking for a price per breed.

Nail trimming
Ear cleaning
Pre-shower coat grooming
Warm invigorating shower
Gentle shampoo & conditioner
Full groom and styling
Finish brush and blow dry

Wedding Service

From £220


Tailwaggerz Wedding Services means that your beloved pooches can be with you on your special day. We offer a complete wedding service which will include

Meeting to discuss your requirements and plan the dog’s activities for your special day
Collecting your dog from a pre-arranged location at an agreed time
30-minute dog walk
Wash and Dry, or the ‘Full Muttley’ (complete Tailwaggerz Salon groom) we will make your dog look extra beautiful for your special day!  
Chauffeuring your pet to the wedding venue for photographs.
Return your dog to a pre-arranged location so you can focus on enjoying your special day.
Wedding Packages can be tailor made to your needs so that you can have peace of mind on your special day.

For a chat and a bespoke price for your special day, please call us today.

A 50% deposit is taken at the time of booking.


Emmipet Ultrasonic Teeth cleaning
Please contact us for details
Puppy visits
(Short visit to familiarise baby dogs with the salon)

Please note that the final price will vary depending on the amount of work required for individual breeds and coat conditions. We will endeavour to give you a price when you call to make your appointment.

Minor matt removal is included in our normal grooming prices. However, excess matting (where more than approximately 15% of the coat is severely matted) is charged extra due to the very extensive work involved.

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Some friendly advice from Tailwaggerz


Grooming your dog starts with a regular regime at home. A weekly brush through and health-check (including nails and ears) will do wonders for bonding with your dog, and will make the grooming experience easier for them. At Tailwaggerz, we are here to give free advice on how to brush and check over your dog. Just ask!

How often should I get my dog washed?

This varies dependent on the individual dog and lifestyle of the dog in question. Aim to leave it no more than twelve weeks, although if you’re ‘up field and down dale’ every weekend, you may want a weekly or fortnightly scrub for your pooch! Grooming can take place at the same time – it’s up to you!

Nails and ears

How often should nails be clipped? Again, this depends on the dog and lifestyle, but most pets benefit from this every four to six weeks. A healthy dog ear will look clean with pink shiny skin in the canal area. Healthy ears do not emit an unpleasant odour and have little dirt or debris trapped in the ear canal.


At Tailwaggerz we offer a puppy pamper package for any puppies between 12 weeks – 6 months of age. It is very important to introduce your dog to the grooming process as early as possible. Your puppy will enjoy a gentle wash, blow dry and brush. We want your puppy’s first groom to be enjoyable and promise a relaxing and positive grooming experience with a lot of love and cuddles! 

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